Phindows/Phrelay Security, TCP-Wrapper or others possible?

-QNX Box: QNX 4.25; Photon 1.14; TCP/IP for QNX4.25;
-Phindows 1.20 on Win Boxes;
For security reasons, we dont want anyone on the net having Phindows to
easily get acess to the QNX Box, as it happened in a large network. (You
just have to know the Address and use the “-n$NODE” option.)

I posted this problem in Quics in August 1998 and read the QNX4
Knowledge Base article “Phindows security issues”, but now I have to do

The only solution seems to be making the tcpip of the QNX Box or phrelay

  1. Public domain “TCP-Wrapper” was mentioned to be “easy to setup and
    pretty secure”. Is it available for QNX? Where can I get it?
  2. I was told by QNX (Norbert Black) there might be “Secure Sockets as
    part of the tcpip4.25” coming. Are they available?
  3. Any other solutions that allow Dittoing (we need it) but are secure
    (with a password, or permit only certain addresses)?

Thanks a lot for answers, Juergen.

Juergen Steinmann
Ingenieurbuero Steinmann & Reinke
D88131 Lindau