ETFS (Embedded transaction filesystem) anybody see or use ?

In documentation on 6.3.0., in chapter
“System Architecture//Filesystems//Embedded transaction filesystem (ETFS)”
qnx writes about good FS, - ETFS, anybody use it?

and hera: … ystem.html

I want use it with NAND flash on my SBC, what You can say about this filesystem?


Not me.

The TDKs are a separate download and require a different registration. I believe it’s one of those “Talk to your rep” situations, you might be able to get a demo to try yourself.

It is not available. It is not even in beta. The tech guys were quite surprised when I pointed out that the marketing guys had put the info on the website.

-James Ingraham

uxx :frowning: It is bad…
In this case i must use NOR flash or write my driver for NAND :slight_smile:
Thanks All!

Hi -

which NAND Falsh do you take?

I have try to boot from there -

So i have make a bootimage for DiskOnChip
MD2200-DXX / MD2202-DXX
i take the MD2202-D32 with 32 MB

The “How to” is …simple… write -
after mkifs
you have a .boot

if you need more about or TestImage
let me know -

My second try will be
a Mini Image with GUI like QNXDEMO Disk with GUI, Voyager, email,…
all is in this Demo Disk on a Floppy 1.44 MB -

so i think, a 32 MB will be enough to get a
nice GUI Image on it. Do you be in second part?

I am search for “next” How To "How i build GUI Image for DiskOnChip,
with voyager …

thanke you!


I want use simple silicon chip’s like K9F2808xxx from Samsung or NAND chips from other…
this is(use NAND) was in my project, but currently I change my select… I thinking now :slight_smile:.