Qnx 4.25 did not boot from flash SunDisk


We have encountered such problem - the boot-up process of QNX 4.25 operating
system depends upon the location (in ISA slot) of the disk controller card.
The QNX 4.25 did not boot (“hanged”) while Windows 95/98 Dos shell booted

The system consisted of the following parts:
5208-RM óard cage with 5101 power supply, 5066-586-133í CPU board, Disk
drive controller 5815 with 2.5" flash SunDisk 40íB (boot disk w/ QNX 4.25),
Ethernet card 5500, SVGA Card 5420, AIO 5648, two Counter/timer 5300,
serial port card 5558 - we checked this configuration carefully - there were
not any hardware (I/O, IRQ etc.) conflicts. The system would not boot-up
when 5815 card was near the CPU board - 100% not bootable.

When we moved HDC/FDC board to another location (farthest slot from CPU) or
took out all I\O boards from backplane (except CPU and disk drive
controller) - the system booted successfully. After adding 1-2 I/O cards
into the backplane, system got less stable, there were “hangings” - 2-3 per
20 boot-ups.

Even when the system booted-up, it “hanged” after attempt to write large
files from floppy to flash disk (Windows did have such effect).

Thanks, Igor