QNX-4 Patch G After Installation does not allow login

I installed Patch G QNX-4.25 to get my Intel 845 GVSR motherboard built in Network card to work. After installation and a reboot, I was not able to login as root or as any other user. ( Got into the system thru a boot floppy that I had luckily made.) I diabled the password in the passwd file after which I am able to login, but any user that I create is unable to login, even though I specify a passwd. Also if i add a password for root, again I am unable to login.

There was screw up about security update and some patch. Basically the program login and passwd don’t have the same encrypt/decrypt code thus are incompatible.

I’m not sure how to fix this. I though the latest Patch G had everything corrected. Make sure you have the latest Patch G (they issue two patch G). If not there was a thread about this in the QNX newsgroup maybe you could google it up.

This one is easy!

  • either re-apply the Security patch (qnx-4.25-08.tarx);
  • or (having the physical access) boot from the floppy, mount the hd0t77 partition as /hd and edit the /hd/etc/passwd file to remove “x” from the root’s entry there;

Then - logged in as root (now without a password!) - change all the passwords again.

I’d install Watcom C v10.6B Security patch too.
And Photon’s one as well…

To avoid this problem in future you should un-install QNX Security patch before applying the next OS’s patch and re-install it afterwards. This is documented in the every Patch’s readme!
Also, I’ve got the fixshadow utility somewhere - it is built from the sources in /etc/readme/security.

Thanx for all the info. I had tried changing the password and also creating a new account after logging in with a floppy and removing the x in the passwd file, but this too does not allow login with the new password. I have now downloaded the qnx4.25-08.tarx patch and am going to try today. But now that I know the problem I should be able to fix it.

Yes, it’s my mistake!
After you’ve hacked into the box - you should apply the Security patch still because Patch G has had /bin/login and friends overwritten. Security patch brings just three files:
The correct files should have time stamp around 26 Apr 2000.