QNX won't recognise my USB Keyboard/Mouse


I just tryed to install QNX Neutrino 6.3.0 onto a new machine. This machine has only USB ports (no standard mouse/keyboard ports).
First,the install wouldn’t recognise the keyboard after the “Detected EIDE. Scanning for devices” part.

So I made an image of an old machine with QNX on it and installed that image instead.

Which now allows me to get to the login screen, but it still won’t recognise the USB Keyboard.

Is there something that I need to do to make this work?

Thanks for your help

yep, plug-in a ps/2 mouse and keyboard.

waitfor /dev/usb
waitfor /dev/usbmouse0
waitfor /dev/usbkbd0
devi-hirun msoft fd -d/dev/usbmouse0 -R fd -d/dev/usbkbd0