ssh-1.2.33 maintenance port.

There are ssh-1.2.33 binaries for QNX4, the main feature is the fact they are linked with the current zlib v1.2.1 and gmp v4.1.4 (QNX security patch and tcptk50.tar.F were used as well).

Moving from gmp v2.0.2 to v4.1.4 gave a performance boost one will surely notice. ssh-keygen works twice as fast…

Hope it’s usefull still.



Is this port still avaliable somewhere?

I tried ssh-1.2.26 port and my first trial resulted with an error again :slight_smile:

ssh hostname gives me Local: Bad packet length 1349676916 error.

Neither sshd works. Dumbs these lines when executed it:

/etc/sshd_config: No such file or directory
error: fatal: Could not load host key: /etc/ssh_host_key. Check path and permissions.

I use pre-built binary files from the package downloaded from

Any hints on this problem?


ftp tool works fine for us. We could survive without having the ssh :slight_smile: