the problem of the PCI card!!!!

I am going to write a pci driver,but after I use the command "pci -v "the result don’t show information about the card which I will write driver for .that is to say.the card can’t be detected in the QNX OS.
I don’t know the reason! because the card can be detected in the windows2000 and windows98.
I will write the information about my pci card configuration as follow:(which was tested in the windows98 by a tool),and this card is a test card!!!

0000 3333 00h
0000 0000 04h
00 00 00 00 08h
00 00 00 00 0ch
0000E001 10h
00000000 14h
00000000 18h
00000000 1ch
00000000 20h
00000000 24h
00000000 28h
0000 0000 2ch
00000000 30h
000000 00 34h
00000000 38h
00 00 01 05 3ch
0000 33 33 40h
00 00 0000 44h
00000000 48h
00000000 4ch
0000E001 50h

I am anxious to want someone can give me some advice!

Try a different PC. If that still doesn’t work then I doubt you have a fully functioning PCI card. Maybe it’s got a blank PLX chip on the card?


I have tried another computer.but it also didn’t work.

you said that "I doubt you have a fully functioning PCI card. Maybe it’s got a blank PLX chip on the card?"but I must axplain that my card is made by my colleague of my library! the card is made by the method of FPGA.and it didn’t use the PLX chip on my card!

and I ever post this quesion in a forum .someone told me that my card maybe don’t accord with the pci standard.I don’t know why!so last time I showed the information of my pci card configuration space! I wish you can give me another piece of advice!!! thank you very much!

And the other PC is different? ie: not the same mobo.

Give this a run under windoze,
It should show all the details of your card. Please list them.

I have downloaded the tool " pcilist" and use it in the windows98.but it‘s a pity that pcilist can’t detect my pci card! and I ever used the tool "pciscan"which is similar to the pcilist.but that can detect my card! whether that show there is a probrem of my pci card?

hi angela,

I was looking for a solution to my problem and i happen to see this topic. I guess u can help me.

I have the task of writing a driver for one of the PCI cards in QNX. I have not written any driver files before. The PCI card is fully functional in windows XP.

I have read the documentation for QNX. From what i understood it seems we need to write a BSP and a resource manager for the card. Can u help me with this starting trouble.



You definitely want to invest in Robert’s Getting Started with QNX Neutrino 2 – A Guide for Realtime Programmers