Slow Modem Connections...


I have two systems, QNX4.25D, Photon1.14 (June 2000 Install CD w/patches ).
Each has an internal 3Com US Robotics 56K PCI modem installed.
Each system connects to an analog phone line through a company junction box.

In the sysinit of the remote system, the last line is
tinit -c “modem -b 57600 -L” -t /dev/ser1 &

I can never get better than a 19200 connection. When I try and use
a phditto session, phditto will update parts of the screen about every 5
seconds or so and then hang again, sometimes taking 2 minutes before
updating again. I still do not get a full screen (PDM, etc).

Do I need to set the modem command to a lower baud rate? Why do
the modems tx/rx then hang, tx/rx then hang. It’s really frustrating.

Kevin Hammond
PACE Control Systems.