dinit problem - install qnx4 with help of qnx6

Hi together,

I have the following Problem:
I used a so called QNX4 ServicePartition to install the whole QNX4 OS plus additional software.
Now Im porting the ServicePartition to QNX6 because I need USB support.
It works so far that I can install the QNX4 system out of my QNX6 ServicePart.
But when I tried to boot the QNX4 partition the QNX6 os-loader cant find the OS
Press ESC for .altboot…S

I also tried installing QNX6 that way and this works

So I gues the Problem is the QNX6 os-loader that is used with dinit to initialize the QNX4 part.
Does anybody know whether there is a QNX4 os-loader that I can use with the -B option of QNX6-dinit?

My recent try was capturing the loader from the first block of a working QNX4 partition. But that only worked in conjunction with this specific partition scheme.

Thank you for your help.

Maybe the dinit source code is helpful?