I’m learning to program ncurses. I need to receive messages from
different sources, and to begin I’d like to receive pulses from a timer
to update a clock test string on the screen, and receive keyboard input.
I print the pid of all message senders.

I used dev_arm to arm a timer, and to arm a proxy to /dev/con1
(according to the dev_arm doc) and then go into an endless Receive(0,0,0) loop.
In console mode this works fine, but not in a Photon console where
it works fine only until I press a key. Then the clock (or anything else in the
window) is not updated anymore.
However, if running the program in Photon from the debugger I can see
that the timer proxy kicks are still received correctly, but the screen is just not
updated any more.

If removing all of the /dev/con1 code, the screen still freezes after keyboard
input in Photon.
Probably a stupid error, anybody who recognizes it?

Btw, the ncurses source code does not seem to be available in /usr/free/qnx4/os/libs
anymore in contrary to what the Knowledge Base states.

Thanks / Tom