I am running qnx4.25 Photon1.13 and ICA with compression. At one site
(intranet therefore not reachable) they are running a Document Direct progam
(Mobius). After they connect to there mobius site they have an index of
files that they can click on to see different data. This looks like a file
structure. If it is a directory it has a + indicator that on one click will
display further list. The problem is when they click once they appear to get
two clicks. The list displays but then goes back as if clicked on it a
second time. Earlier versions on ICA did not do this. But also on the other
hand I can go to a different server and a different Mobius site through IE4
and not see the problem. I have tried changing the ini files for ICA with
mouse timer but does not help. It appears that the Mobius site is seeing two
Mouse clicks for one depression of Mouse button. Other applications on the
server appear to work okay. I tested the double click on the Mouse set up
and no problem. Has anyone seen a similar problem or know how to fix this