KSH - SH history

I know you can pull up buffer history from a terminal itself.
But is there a history in QNX 4.25 similar to that in linux using bash where it prints commands entered off into a file with a date.
I saw something in the help for ksh involving a xtrace or -x options where it would print off commands but I think that is for per terminal. I need something that’s going to be global.

Try putting stuff into ~/.kshrc. I’m not sure, but I think that’s where it’s stored.

I don’t think QNX 4’s ksh saves the history into a file. It only lives in the memory of that ksh session. Thus, you can’t have something “global”.

On the other hand, nothing prevents you from using “bash”:

I can’t use bash, I’m talking about implementing something on thousands of servers running QNX 4.25 scattered all over the world.
I’m determined to figure something out however :stuck_out_tongue: