tcp/ip stack for qnx2

Does anybody know of an open-source TCP/IP stack? I am cursed with a single vendor who extracts large amounts of cash for each copy we sell. Worse yet, if U lose the key file (e.g., a hard disk crash), U have to take a minimum of two or three days before U get the replacement, and our customers aren’t too happy with that.

There are open-source tcpip stacks (such as those from *bsd). Actually, both QNX 4 and QNX 6 have the TCPIP stack ported from BSD.

It is just we need someone to do the porting to QNX 2. People with QNX 2 expertise are hard to find these days, but if you are willing to pay good money, maybe someone will take it.

We offer the ready version TCP/IP from Akso for QNX2 since 8 years, sold a coupe of thousends