starting network driver( for intel 82559ER chip

I am having trouble with my network card. The driver for the card, does not automatically start in the startup process after diskboot. However, I can manually start the driver. Since io-net is already running after the boot, I only need to run the following to get it work.

mount -Tio-net /lib/dll/

The chipset of the device is intel 82559ER. If I type “pci”, the device is identified correctly with vender id = 8086h and device id = 1209h. This device is also listed in the file,in /etc/system/enum/devices/net. I don’t know why it does not work during the booting process.

I wonder if anyone knows a solution to the problem.


Just put that line into /etc/rc.d/rc.local, it will get run on startup.

The trouble with that is that all the configuration information for each interface is lost after each boot. In order to make it work, I would also need to explicitly setup all the ip addresses and networks masks for all the interfaces. I guess I can keep all the information in a file separate from the default /etc/net.cfg file. (The booting process wipes the file clean if no device is detected. ) Well, that may be what I have to do if no elegant solution is found.

I don’t think /etc/net.cfg is wiped during boot. You sure that’s the case? can you do “ls -l /etc/net.cfg” after booting to make sure?

BTW, you can add a “netmanager” to rc.local so that the configs in /etc/net.cfg will be applied, as discussed in this thread.

Well, the file (/etc/net.cfg) is still there. But the information specific to each interface would be gone because if there is no interface detected there will be no entries for them. I would have to save the information in a separate file and apply it using netmanager in rc.local after the network driver is started properly.