what does non-commercial mean?

I am not a lawyer. I’m a QNX newbie.

If it means I cannot do anything commercial, I will continue using linux.


non-commercial means nothing commercial.

It means you can only use QNX for home/personal use. You can’t ship it in a product. You can write free/opensource/shareware apps under it and for it however.

Also, that assumes you have not bought it. When you buy QNX you can certainly use it in commerical products. :slight_smile:

But is using it for w*rk allowed? I’m a student and I occasionaly do some webdesign (not my idea of nice work, but it’s the only work I can get).

(No, I don’t think anyone will mind if I use QNX or not. I only want to know if it’s legal.)

Edit: I am not rich enough to buy QNX.

That is a good question actually. And I am not sure. The spirit of the non-commerical status is to allow home/student/… users to be able to use QNX without having to shell out the cash for it. Allows people to learn, play and gain experience with QNX. It also allows commerical developers to prototype systems based on QNX without having to get a PO from thier boss. Meanwhile, it prevents people from legally shipping systems based on QNX.

The goal is really to stop commerical development for embedded systems running QNX. IANAL, but as a student you will be fine.