How GUI app include a interrupt resource manager ?


Thanks for your helpful replies for interrupt in photon application. The application I’m making needs much the same code as follows as a resource manager. I must add it into the application somewhere.

void interrupt_thread (void * data)
… …
intNum is the desired interrupt level */
id = InterruptAttachEvent (INTNUM, &event, 0);

while (1) {
    InterruptWait (NULL, NULL);
    /* some decoder codes here, then update a string widget, that's all */
     PtSetResource (ABW_text_widget, Pt_ARG_TEXT_STRING, new_num, 0);

     *  unmask the interrupt when done
    InterruptUnmask(INTNUM, id);


int main(int argc, char argv) {
… …
resouce manager init

/* Start the thread which will handle interrupt events. */
pthread_create (NULL, NULL, interrupt_thread, NULL);

/* Never returns */


I use phAB compile the program. abmain.c is the mainline function it generates. As normally, I may add the code above into it, but the help tells me not to modify abmain.c. Sequentlly, I’ve no idea what to do about it. I had tried modify indSfiles to include the code above, but it seems ineffective. I think the way is to include a interrupt resouce manager
into the application.

Any idea ?

Best regards

Peter Z