Is QNet good for IPC?

Our company is taking a look at the QNX Neutrino OS, and wondering about using QNet for interprocess communication. Currently we are using standard TCP/IP messages across processes on the different boards.

I looked in the documentation, and it is not clear how I would use QNet in a simple manner to exchange messages across processes, across the network, that live on different embedded boards.

I have come across examples for “spawning” processes and accessing devices but that is a bit different than what I am looking for.

If you already use TCP/IP I would suggest you stick to it. It’s portable and in most cases will do the job fine.

QNet is more flexible, but it has become stable enough only with the latest release of QNX6…

Look at function ChannelCreate(), SendMsg(), ReceiveMsg(). ReplyMsg(), that should give you an idea.