Printing with Ethernet2USB Printserver, QNX 4.25


i’m trying to install a standalone Printserver in QNX 4.25
Its an Edimax PS-1205UM Ethernet-USB-Printserver and I’m printig on a HPDjet 970cxi.
After configuring the /etc/printcap, I was able to print simple textfiles (after converting them with textto -c).
Now i would like to Print Postskrip-file, but all I get are printouts of the plain text of the PS-File.

Currently I’m using lpr -PDeskjet FILENAME to print

My printcap looks this way:

:rm=psrvr:\ # this is how I called the Printserver in the hosts-file
:rp=lpt1:\ # recommended in the Manual of the PS for Unix-Priting
:lf=/usr/spool/lpd/psrvr.log:\ # I created directory and file

I read several user guides on this topic, but with no final success.
Please tell me what to do, to Print out PS-File (and in the best case any other File) correctly.

Thank you


I don’t think 970cxi supports the PostScript language. It only supports PCL3.