how can i connect an isa port to qnx ?

hi everybody.
first i would like to say that my english is not very good coz i’m french.

okay. i’m going to work with a pc\104 card which have QNX on it. i have another card with some divices (captors, engines) with an iSA port. and i’m triyng to figure out how can i connect this card to the QNX one.
is there some codes that i need to read and write datas on this port.
i need to send datas to the card to control the engines and i need to get datas to work with the captors information.

i’m participating to a robotik event, that’s why i need that.

i hope that i’ll get some info from you guys, thanx to you, and QNX rocks !!!

That’s no excuse, LOL!

You need to find the resources used by the cards; address, io port, IRQ.

You access the memory part of the card (if it has any) via map_device_memory. IO is access through map_device_io(), in*() and out*(), plus ThreadCtl(). Then finaly for IRQ look up the Interrupt*() family of fonctions.