need help with programming audio with Audio or Alsa2 in QNX

Hi .

I know that this group is not right place for questions about Audio
and Alsa drivers for QNX4 , but hope someone knows answers …

We have QNX4.25 ( and can not use Neutrino or RtP ) , and have problems
with playing sounds .

We are trying to inplement continous play of wav file in our application,
loop in wich we write complete file to /dev/dsp, but we are not satisfied
with its
sound qality. First, we hear some short annoying sound at the end of wav
second we didn’t find way to play 16 bit stereo wav files by using Audio
Also when we use vplay on Audio driver we have same short annoying sound.

When we try same thing on Alsa2-0.2 driver using aplay everything is OK, but
problem is how to reuse Alsa2-0.2 aplay code in our application which is
more complicated then vplay code.

Questions :

  1. How to play samples with Audio without strange sound on the end of
  2. How to play 16 bit stereo wav files with Audio
  3. How to integrate aplay , or simple play of 16 bit stereo wav files in
    ( using Alsa2 ) . Some code would be appreciate …

    Thanks in advance ,