serial port address

I’m using Emerald-MM serial PC104 board on the qnx6.2.1.

I configured 6 serial ports(2 in the mother board, 4 in the Emerald board)

devc-ser8250 -b 115200
devc-ser8250 -b 115200 -u3 3e8,7 2e8,7 3a8,10 2a8,10

When I opened and read/write with ser3/ser4, it makes ckeck sum error. But ser5/ser6 was fine. So I tried to change irqs as follows.

devc-ser8250 -b 115200
devc-ser8250 -b 115200 -u3 3e8,10 2e8,10 3a8,7 2a8,7

But ser3/ser4 still makes check sum error.

I think that io addresses (3e8, 2e8) has problem.

Please, comment me how to resolve it?


i am wondering about your problem :open_mouth:

you can refer to the Help manual of QNX , if you insert “8250 Serial Driver” in the find option.
i think that your problem will be solved. * *