Phinx from windows

I’m having trouble accessing Phinx from a windows machine. I can run Phinx on my QNX machine, and I can open an xterm or xeyes from my windows machine but when I try to start phinx from windows I get:

Could not find library:

This library is on my QNX machine in /opt/X11R6/lib.

Do I need to find a windows version of the library?

Do I have to get Phindows or is there a good alternative to Phindows that I can get?

Any advice would really be appreciated, Thanks.

If you don’t wanna pay for Phindows, you can use phinx. There are two ways for MS Windows users: one is to install an X emulator on the Windows machines (such as eXceed), the other is to use VNC client.

Your post seems to imply you are using X emulator on Windows. If you have installed the latest XFree86 4.3 from openqnx and have /usr/X11R6/bin in your PATH, you should be able to start phinx using the command “phx”. BTW, you need to make sure phrelay is enabled in /etc/inetd.conf and “inetd” is running.

Thanks for the reply.

I am using an X emulator on the Windows machine and XFree86 is installed on QNX. XPhoton is running on the QNX machine and I can run phinx on the local machine but not from any remote machine (Windows or QNX).

I can use other x applications like xterm and xeyes from remote machines but not phinx or xpdf, both of these give a “Could not find library” error.

Phrelay is enabled and working (I can use phditto from other QNX machines).

When I installed XFree86 it was installed by the package manager in /opt/X11R6, and the libraries are in /opt/X11R6/lib, should they be moved somewhere else so that phinx can find them?

try run
before running phinx

btw, I embedded /opt/X11R6/lib as rpath inside the xterm, etc. and that’s why they worked…

I figured out that if I cd to /opt/X11R6/lib and run phinx from there it works, but I think your way is better, Thanks! :smiley: