Hello, I have a question on if it is possible to pay a lic. fee and use QNX-NC for commerical use.

The issue is the following. Since the software will be used in a voting machine, the operating system needs to be open source. I beleive the QNX-NC is open source the QNX-SE/PE is not. Thus the ideal solution woul dbe to use the “non commercial” version in the commerical application and make this legal by paying a license fee.

Since the application is a commerical it has to have a well supported version of QNX, so that rules out simply using the Source forge version.

So can anyone give me some advice on this. How can I get a well supported but open source version of QNX.

are the QNX-NC and QNX-SE/PE verisons binary compatible? that is if I have an application built on Se/PE that uses graphical API calls, can I substitute NC and expect it will work?

You are mistaken, QNX-NC is NOT open source, none of QNX version are open source. You will have to look at other operating system.

Even if it would this is not a technical issue and you would need to talk to QSS sales to arrange a deal, because the NC/SE/PE are marketed as development product. For run time you need to talk with QSS.

Yes all binairies are compatible across all version.