QNX4.24 My keyboard won't work unless I press the "Numlock"

I’m using QNX v4.24 booting into Photon.

My keyboard with a big 5pin DIN connector won’t work unless I press the “Numlock” key
while my PCs boot screen says “Starting QNX…”

Pressing any other key won’t do the trick.

What could be the problem?

===================== O n A n o t h e r N o t e ===========================
For a while I couldn’t figure out how to get my mouse to work from boot. I tried every
mouse and track ball I have. All connected to Com Port 1. I could always manually start
services to use the mouse as soon as I could pull up a shell and type:

Input msoft -R uart

So manually I could get my mouse working.

FINALLY I fixed the problem by finding an PS/2 adapter for my pointing devices. The
next time I installed the “Installer” did see my pointing device. It had never seen my
pointing device before.