slinger htaccess

does slinger support htaccess? do you have other ways of protecting web pages served by slinger?

I don’t think slinger supports htaccess, but since it does support cgi so giving access to your site through cgi should help you.

on the other hand, slinger source code can be found at and nothing prevents you from adding the htaccess support :slight_smile:


I want to access slinger source code to change it according to my own needs. but the link which ‘noc’ provided here does not exists.
How can I get slinger source code?


Note the date that Noc’s message was posted, 2005. At that time QNX was moving toward an open source model. That’s changed.

Source is still available if you can convince QNX to give it to you. It’s a little tricky. I would contact your QNX rep.