progress bar question

Hi, I am trying to update a progress bar according to the disksize changes in certain directories. Basically, I would like to indicate the progress of some install procedure. First of all I don’t have any clue how I can update the progress bar? and secondly, how can I dynamically link the progress bar to the installation procedure, which first formats the disk to qnx partition and starts copying a hug TAR file (500MB) and untars that file. Any sample code of updating the progress bar would be great.


Check out PtSetResource, and you can view all the available resources in the help page for the progress bar widget.

I don’t know what you mean by ‘dynamically link to the installation procedure’

Thanks , I got it working.
What I meant by “dynamically linking” was that file extracting a tar file (500mb) I wanted to update the progress bar accordingly.
I solved this by creating a seperate process to untar and have progress bar update as those extracted tar files becomes available for “fopen”.