installing QNX6.0 on QNX4 .... how?


I just downloaded QNX6.0 for QNX4 but I have no idea how to install it. Im a particulary noob in QNX.

bye the way… Is there a (graphical) way to configure my mouse in QNX?



Huh? QNX6.0 for QNX4, something doesn’t make sense here. Do you mean install QNX 6.0 on QNX4? QNX 6.3 is the latest version, 6.0 being rather old

Is there a particular reason you want that old version? You could try to download the latest QNX 6.3 for x86.

To answer your question, you can login to your QNX 4 box, and run

cd /
/etc/install -u qnxrtp.tar.F

and this will install QNX 6 into your /boot/fs directory as the following files:

qnxbase.ifs The RTP boot image filesystem (DMA disabled).

qnxbasedma.ifs The RTP boot image filesystem (DMA enabled).

qnxbase.qfs QNX filesystem that contains everything you need
to run the QNX realtime platform.

root.qfs A root filesystem you create and grow to the size
(max 2GB) you need. This will be your “workspace”.

You could copy one of the .ifs file as your QNX 4’s /.altboot and reboot QNX 4, hitting ESC to boot into QNX 6.