Migrate Application From QNX4 to QNX6.3........

Hai All!..

I’ve tough job to do. Hope u all can help me.I’m trying to migrate my QNX4 application to QNX6.3, There some function in my QNX4 application
that no longger support in QNX6.3. Some of them in my sources code such as:

[b]1. _slitpath()

  1. qnx_segment_arm()

  2. FP_SEG()

  3. qnx_segment_put()

  4. MK_FP()

  5. qnx_segment_get()

  6. FP_SEG()

  7. FP_OFF()

  8. qnx_name_detach()[/b]
    => Could u all, give suggestion the equivalent functions in QNX6.3?

=> Where can I find the tutorial for how to make “makefile” in QNX

Thank you.

Look it up in “QNX 4 to QNX Neutrino Migration Guide”.

Some stuff don`t have exact equivalent and you will have to rewrite/rework your code. For example all the qnx_segment stuff mostly deal with share memory or getting memory from OS which you should be able to replace with mmap()

_splitpath doesn`t exists, if you need it google it up and you should be able to find source to this this function.

As Segment stuff , you shound`t need them anymore


Segments are not supported any longer, from my knowledge. You’d better use SHM memory functions, such us shm_open, etc, etc. It’s quite easy.

Far pointers does not exist either. You can use SHM combinated to pointers. It’s easy to “mmap” a piece of shared memory and create a pointer to point this memory (normal pointer instead of a far pointer)

Instead of qnx_name_detach, and qnx_name_attach, you can use name_attach, but I have seen strange behaviour in name_attach. If you register a name using name_attach, sometimes it remains in the namespace although the process has died. At least, It happens to me in QNX 6.2.1.