Dual display for Photon 1.14

I would like to use two monitors with Photon 1.14.
Can this be done?
What do I need?


Yes, it is documented here.

Thanks, but it did not work.
I´m trying to do it in NODE 3, so I have to insert the lines (like below, but captured by my Hydra.ms -T) in the top of crt.3 file (/etc/config/trap), haven´t I?

Hydra.ms -S -i0x4117 -s0x0000,0x0090;Hydra.ms -S -i0x4117 -s0x0000,0x0088 -cnone -nqnx/crt88;Pg.flatdc -HC0x00000088 -PX -HNqnx/crt88 -g1024x768x16 -A0xFE800000,0x400000 -WB2048;
Pg.flatdc -HC0x00000090 -PX -HNqnx/crt -g1024x768x16 -A0xFF000000,0x400000 -WB2048;#1024,768,16,100,1,flatdc - VGA hi-color

When I just type ph both of monitors show the photon´s image, but they stop to work imediatelly and I have to reboot system.

Do you have any idea?

Thanks in advance.