QNX4 to QNX2 serial connection

Two computers, one running QNX4 and another QNX2. I got direct serial connection work so far, that I’m able
to use qtalk to login from QNX2 to QNX4 but not vice versa. I can use qcp to transfer files but I’m not able
to use EZFM (terminal definitions apparently don’t match).

On QNX4, sysinit.n :

Dev.ansi -Q -n 10 &

Dev.ser -I 4096 &

Dev.pty -n 16 &

stty baud=19200 </dev/ser2

tinit -T /dev/con* -t /dev/con1 -c “/bin/termdef qnx” -t /dev/ttyp* -T /dev/ser2 &

On QNX2, sys.init.n

stty baud=19200 inton=3 n=$modem >$term1

Good hints?