qnxinstall error.

For some reason, when I go to run the Installer (qnxinstall), all I get is a window showing up with the single word “Error” in it. Any ideas what might be wrong?

So let’s start with the basics. Has anyone ever seen this error before?

No one’s seen this before? No one knows that might cause this?

Can you run qnxinstall on the CLI using ‘qnxinstall -vvvv’ I’ve never tried it, but often -vvvv will give more verbose error messages.

Is this on 6.21 or 6.3?

Was your QNX install a standard one, or have you left things out?


‘qnxinstall -vvvv’ shows nothing… Just the same window that pops up with “Error:” The title of the window is “QNX Software installer”…

This is on 6.3.0 2004/04/29-21:34:47UTC :slight_smile:

And it was a standard install… Actually, I did the install via vmware, now that I think about it. I had been having problems getting the CD to boot on my machine. It’d stop after scanning ahc8 (or, if I removed the adaptec SCSI controller, after scanning the IDE devices, even if I disabled IDE dma) and nothing would happen. So I tried in vmware and it installed fine on the drive. I didn’t leave anything out.

Could it be because I installed it in vmware?

It works fine for me in vmware.

Your installation must be screwed.
try something like:
qnxinstall -f no-find-cd -f no-find-web
and see if it helps.

Still no luck. Throws up the same “Error” box.

Well, I reinstalled in vmware, rebooted the entire box, selected QNX from the grub menu, and I am able to launch qnxinstall now. It takes a long time to start up, but it does start up :slight_smile:


Well, not any more. I launched qnxinstall, it hung my machine. I power cycled, booted back into QNX, and tried again. This time, I get the same “Error” box. Could it have to do with the previous attempt being interrupted?


Verify your install cd with the md5sum or chksum.

Do you know what the md5sum should be? This is what I have:

462303b2f69e3e20b7dee3bbc9d7dc66 6.3.0-qnx6-200405141702.iso

md5sum looks ok.

Looks like your vmware QNX virtual machine is screwed up again. Can you create a new VM and install QNX again? BTW, you mentioned “grub”. If you install QNX into a VM, there is no need for a multi boot loader, QNX’s own simple loader can do the job just fine.


Checking the ISO is no help as it’s the burn that usually causes the problem. Try the following with the install CD in the drive:
dd if=/dev/cd0 bs=2k count=268096 | md5sum

Sorry, let me clarify. :slight_smile: I actually installed QNX via vmware, but installed it to a real, physical drive. Hence, I use grub when booting the physical machine, so I can choose to boot into the QNX partition.

I’ll give the install another shot. Maybe I’ll have more luck getting it to install natively than I did last time.