cd authoring with qnx

i see that qnx mounts cds in /fs/cdX, is there software that comes with QNX that allows cd authoring?

thanks for any help provided

If you mean a burning application, yes. I am trying to finish something I started a long time ago. It is just a simple front-end for mkisofs and cdrecord.



You can use cdrecord to burn CDs under QNX… it’s a command-line utility with lots of options. It is available at

ok thanks!
looks like gnu-make doesnt work with cdrecord, any easy solutions to install TCL for smake?

thanks again, and igood luck with your frontend fmartens

for those interested: QNX has a binary posted on the webpage, go to, login at myqnx, 3rd party software in downloads, and you can dl src or binary of cdrecord

after going through the archives, i found that someone posted a link to a mkisofs binary
does anyone have this posted anywhere or does anyone have any hints on installing mkisofs