Progress bar Live_gauge flag?

I have set this "Pt_GAUGE_LIVE"flag (in Gauge Flags) so that while there is no progress bar activities(change in value), it can still indicate that the software is active. But when I actually run the software, the progress bar doesn’t seem to give me that wave animation to indicate no progress? I tried PtFlush() and no luck.

Any ideas?

Maybe my question is not clear. Basically, once you set the “Pt_GAUGE_LIVE” flage in the Gauge Flags you can see the wave in the progress bar. It show fine in my PhAB builder but once I compile and run, the wave that is suppose to be moving does not move in the app. any idea?

Got the answer from other place.
You need to call PtBkgdHandlerProcess();
to enable that wave looking progress bar,
because it’s an animation.