photon login as normal user

I’m using QNX 6.3 and want to create a new user (without root privileges).But when i have created the user i can not login into photon with the new user.The usericon is there but i can’t login.What can i do?

By the way is there a ogg vorbis codec for QNX?

What do you mean ‘can’t login’ can you not click on the user icon? does it not accept the password? Can you type in the user name/password rather than click the icons.

  1. try to reset the passwd for the new user "passwd " and see if that helps.

  2. cdm used to have ogg vorbis ported to QNX 6.2. You can talk to mike to see if he can include this in the new CD planned for QNX 6.3.

Ive tested clicking the icon and typing in user/password.Both will not work.The screen flickers but it doesn´t log me in.Ive testet more than one new user with passwort and without passwort.All the same there. They all can´t login.

Maybe your /etc/passwd file is corrupted, you could maybe take a look at it and see if it looks dodgy.

/etc/passwd looks ok for me.
Now i´ve tested login in text-mode.This gives me this error:
[color=red]/bin/sh: Permission denied

Have all users got read privileges to /etc/passwd?

Yes they have.I´ve no idea whats the problem :unamused:

post the output from the following command:

ls -l /bin/sh

ls -l /bin/sh

-rwxrwxr-x 1 root root 150836 May 07 2004 /bin/sh :cry:

The system runs various scripts when you log in, and they have to have execute permission. Take a look at the Controlling How Neutrino Starts chapter of the Neutrino User’s Guide for details.

Changed permissions in /etc/rc.d/rc.devices (user could not read it).
Now i’ve got this error :open_mouth:
[color=red]# login
login: mrqnx
sh: /etc/profile[23]: tty: not found
sh: /etc/profile[43]: date: not found
Last login: on
sh: /home/mrqnx/.profile[23]: tty: not found
sh: /home/mrqnx/.profile[43]: date: not found
Last login: on