Shared Library in PhAp.

Hi, I would like to create a shared library that PhAp can call to give different graphical interface to users. For example, if I load it give one type of interface from loading

I would like to do this so that I can do software upgrades without recompiling and linking again. Is this a good way to go?

Yes it is … the only worry is the risk of breaking the compatibility and thus forcing your
application to be rebuild and so redistributed … but with some careful planning and
some preparation this risk can be minimized.


Thanks and and is using plug-in possible with C coding? And when creating the shared library is there a way to dump PhAB code to shared library or do I have to create GUI with out PhAB in pure coding?

I guess my question is not clear. What I want to do is design a GUI and make that a shared library so that another GUI (main app) could call this shared library to contruct different User interface with different options when different shared library is available.
Can someone please tell me step by step what the procedure is to complete this task?
I guess the idea is similar to plug-ins.

Well … the problem is that I’m not too sure you can do that with PhAB … actually, I’m not the best person to answer that question, as I never ever used PhAB … If you were to code your app with the Photon API without PhAB, I beleive this will be possible. Same if you were to use a C++ SDK, such as … hmm … well I dunno … Zinzala? ;-)

I have just found out that you can use this “addvariant” script command in QNX to make DLL out of a PhAB application. But after making the DLL I don’t know how I can interact with this library.
Such as what functions to call to display simple window in that DLL…
I will keep posting new information as I get them.

ok everything works now… you can find the solution in this link