Important Questions On QNX Neutrino

I have the following questions, to ask

Can a usb mouse be used in QNX Neutrino?

How to view QNX files in Windows XP?

After partioning a hardisk space for QNX and after instaling QNX to that space. I can not see that partion drive when using window XP. Why?

Are there better ways to select which operationg system to use when we turn on the computer? i.e Windows XP or QNX

How to uninstall QNX?

What are the differences of the professional and the non comercial version of QNX

USB Mouse - yes.

You mean view files on a QNX paritition in Windows XP? TTBOMK you cannot, you’re better off putting the files on a FAT32 partition if you want files to be available on both OS’s (i assume you are dual booting).

Windows XP cannot read a QNX partition.

There are all kinds of boot manager you can use to choose which OS to use, GRUB, LILI, Partition Commander etc.

To uninstall QNX, just wipe out the partition.

The differences are really just down to the development tools, and even then it’s not much of a big deal, you’ve got the extensions to Eclipse, which are not available in a non-commercial QNX, but regular Eclipse is. And then you got qcc, the C compiler, which is disabled after 30-days on QNX 6.3, but you can keep on using gcc, so it’s not really a big thing.



don’t forget you loose the ability to build images which, too many, is really important.