configuration question

All righty here is the situation I am trying to set up.

We have a network of QNX 4 boxes here in our office.

We also have a small network of computers in another city which I can
configure anyway I like for TCPIP.

I am able to make a SLIP connection from a box here in our office to one of
the boxes in the other city with no problem. However I wish to be able to
access the other machines in the other city from this same slip connection.
I have fiddled with routing and arp settings with no success and now must
ask if anyone else has ever set this up?

Ideally I would like the following: ( in our office here ) makes a slip connection to in another city ( they can ping each other no problems ).

I want to be able to ping which is another
computer on the same network as…

Sheldon Parkes