QNX Newbie: Is QNX right for my application?

I’m completely rebuilding my personal file server, and I’m at the point of re-evaluting my operating system choices.

My requirements are that it:
a) boot fast
b) supports Wake On Lan
c) has or can support Windows Networking and/or FTP
d) uses or supports a journaling file system
e) supports an automatic shutdown after a period of inactivity.

Essentially, I want to turn it on when I need it and have it shut off when I don’t.

Unfortunately, I’m almost completely oblivious to QNX and what it can do, so I’m raising the question here as to whether or not its appropriate for my needs.

The hardware that I’m putting it on is as follows:
-Dual PIII/550
-256MB of PC133 RAM.
-An assortment of hard drives, one of which will be dedicated to the OS.
-generic video card (an S3/Nitro I think, but I’m not sure on that).

Please let me know if you think QNX is appropriate for this task. Thank you.

a) Boot fast, mine takes about 10 secs on a 1.8GHz laptop.
b) wake on lan - I think that’s more down to the ethernet card/mobo, but I could be wrong, and frequently am.
c) Windows networking, samba server yes, samba/cifs client, yes but seems to be fairly buggy.
d) Journaling FS, don’t think so.
e) auto shutdown, I don’t think so, but I guess you could maybe do a script yourself.

The hardware looks fine.

Why don’t you use Linux instead, not sure about the fast boot though l;-)

Auto power down is a problem as standard version of QNX6 doesn’t come with any power feature.

Indeed wake on lan is a hardware feature and had nothing to do with the software. However you will have to turn the PC off completely, QNX6 doesn’t support sleep or hibernation mode.

There is an add-on to get some power feature ( don’t know if it applies to PC) but to get it you need to get Momentics (development seat) which will cost ya a minium of 4000$ US ;-)

I’ve been looking into a Linux solution, but wanted examine other operating systems first before deciding on Linux.

It sounds as though QNX doesn’t have as many of the features I’m looking for as Linux does.

Thank you for your help.