Multiboot troubles

I’m trying to multiboot w/o using QNX bootloader.
uname -a
QNX wraith 6.2.0 2002/05/21-12:17:24edt x86pc x86
Win2k on primary master
QNX on Secondary master
Linux on Secondary Slave

I’d like to use Grub (chainloading via ‘chainloader +4’ did not
see to do the trick), but would settle for someone’s hint on using Win2k’s loader either.
(trying to just grab “dd of=/dev/hd1t79 bs=512 count=1” to a file
didn’t seem to work…)

ed1k has written something that might help you:

I haven’t seen him here lately, must be that he finally found a job and busy with that.

No, I still have no job. I have plenty of time :slight_smile:
Just change in dd’ed file byte with offset 0x11. It is 0x80, and for second drive it should be 0x81.