QNX4 Netgear FA511 issue


I’m a newbie to QNX, better-than-terrible with various other *NIXes. Apologies if this is one of those “asked-to-death” issues. I couldn’t find a solution anywhere…

I’m running QNX4 on an IBM ThinkPad 760XL. Everything looks great except for the networking. I’m using a Netgear FA511 adapter (which, I’m almost certain, should work with the tulip driver). Literally - the lights are on, but nobody’s home. Can’t even ping my gateway router, and I know that’s working right.

pin detects the card as a network adapter, but io-net won’t load tulip, or any other driver. pci reports several dozen adapters connected to the system, as if there’s a loop somewhere - quite odd.

I’m not sure what sort of information would be needed to figure out what’s going on… Could someone point me in the right direction (or, even better: if you’ve seen this problem, got a fix?)?