terminal problems

I log into various qnx computers via telnet from a Tru64 UNIX server.
When logging into 4.22 boxen I don’t have a problem, but when attempting
to log into these new 4.25 I get this message:

termdef: Warning - terminal type previously set (TERM=vt340) is unknown.

After I reply with vt100 it prompts me for the password. Is there a
definition for vt340 somewhere for 4.25?(termcap entry) What is really
strange is that 4.22 doesn’t have an entry for vt340 either, but it
defaults to vt100. I set TERM=vt100 in /etc/profile but still the same
problem. Is there a different place to set the term type for incoming
telnet sessions?

The other problem is that sometimes when I log into a 4.22 box I can
bring up previous commands with the up arrow, then on another login to
the same box two minutes later, I can’t. How can I get this behaviour to
be consistent?