Net.ether82595 problems with telnetd rlogind

I’ve been looking for QNX 4.25 compatibe ISA NICs with AUI ports. One
of our guys picked up a box of Intel Etherexpress Pro 10 cards. They
offer RJ-45, AUI and BNC connectors as well as a socket for boot prom.

Unforutnately, it seems that telnetd and rlogind seem to have some type
of buffer problem with this card. In a nutshell, most network
applications seem to work just fine, but these two processes lock up if
too much data is passed to the send queue. If I log into the box and ls
the root director, every thing is fine. If I as for a recursive list, I
receive a few characters and then the process locks. Usually the send
queue is above 5k. Most times, if I drop the connection, I can
establish a new connection.

The same systems work fine with 3Com 503 cards. Unfortunately, these
were not recomended by QNX for use in high traffic environments due to
the limited buffering capability.

If anyone else has experience with something like this, please let me
know. Thanks for the help.