Loading desktop background in Photon (Newbie)


I’ve been trying to load a .jpg image file as my desktop background, or open the same .jpg image using pv without success.

pwmopts and pv tell me that there are errors in my .jpg file and they are unable to load it.

Does the image file have to be set up in a specific format / color scheme / resolution? What I have now is a 640x480 desktop and an image file of the same size.

  • I’m using a RAM filesystem, if that makes any difference.

Excerpt from build file:
/usr/photon/myimage.jpg = c:/qnx-builds/myimage.jpg

Excerpt from wm.cfg:
vert_align = CENTER
horz_align = CENTER
image_op = STRETCH
image = /usr/photon/myimage.jpg

Thanks for any help!

If pv will not load it, then it’s probably corrupted, can you view the file under Windows? Will any JPEG load in pv?

Yes, I can view the file under Windows. None of the three JPEG images I tried will load in pv.

Someone else suggested that I include the JPEG images with a [+raw] prefix in my build file, and place them before the [data=copy] statement, but that didn’t help either.

Excerpt from build file:
[+raw] /usr/photon/spectrum640x480.jpg = c:/qnx-builds/spectrum640x480.jpg
[+raw] /usr/photon/fold.jpg = c:/qnx-builds/fold.jpg
[+raw] /usr/photon/dilbert.gif = c:/qnx-builds/dilbert.gif


Thanks for your response.

I beleive the loading of gfx file requires a specific share object (not sure) you might want to investigate that/.