QNX 6.3 install freezes

I’ve downloaded the evaluation version of Momentics 6.3 Neutrinos x86.
At first I tried to install it on an Athlon, only to find out it did not support nForce chipsets (the install would find no discs).

Now I’m trying to install it on a Dell Dimension 8200 (P4 1.6 GHz), but the install freezes right after booting from the CD:

Detected EIDE. Scanning for devices.

Using F6, it seems it detects the HDD and the CD, but freezes right after. I’m really puzzled there.

PS: the HDD and the CD are both masters on separate buses.

You could try turning off DMA in your BIOS. I thought QNX would be OK on nForce, if you have SATA disks in the Athlon, that could be the problem.

I had this exact same problem. Disabling DMA “fixed it” and I think it was caused by my two dimms being all silly and not playing well with each other.

Using QNX “Press D to disable DMA” does not work.

As for disabling DMA in the BIOS, I cannot find it in Dell BIOS. Anyone knows how to disable DMA on Dell BIOSes? They only give minimal control.

I tried with a regular IDE hard drive (previous one was SATA) on the Athlon XP, and now it works.

Now the problem I have is that the network is not working…

PS: I gave up a long time ago on the Dell.

Installed another network card, now it works. :slight_smile:

I have a Dell system I am trying to install QNX 6.3 on.

The HD is a SATA one.

I experience the same problem that GS Snoopy did in that everything freezes the moment it attempts to detect EIDE devices. Disabling DMA doesn’t help, it still freezes.

I went into the BIOS and looked for a disable plug-n-pray option but it doesn’t exist on this Dell (Optiplex GX280 BIOS A04) so there is no way to know if it’s on or off.

So my question is am I hanging because of a possible BIOS issue or is it definitely the SATA HD.