A question about drivers


I have a Toshiba Tecra 8100 laptop (p3-700, 128 mb ram, 5 gig hd, etc etc etc) and I would like to put the QNX RTOS on it for testing and development, or just for fun.

I have the older version, the 1st free release which was 4 I think, and I also have 6.10 on download.

I was looking for a driver for the sound and the modem, would such things happen to be available?

The sound card is as follows:

Yamaha YMF-744B-(r)

The modem is most likely a winmodem, simply stating a Toshiba v90/k56flex…

I can always find a PCMCIA NIC, providing a QNX friendly one.

Idea, suggestions, tips, pointers or help is always appreciated


One to go,

It appears the latest version of QNX (6.1.0) sees my souond card natively, which is good.

Now if I can just get that winmodem to run…

I’ve got svga resolution, which is 1024x768 at 16 bit colour depth. That’s fine for me, the video card is a savage 3d/mx, is there a specific driver for that, or the svga good enough?


QNX6.1? Haven’t you read the latest news about QNX 6.2.1 :slight_smile: Of course, there are still lots of people using 6.1 because that’s the only “free” version that you can do “commercial” stuff (technically, not legally )

winmodem? are you dreaming :slight_smile:

savage? exact the same as mine though I am using IBM thinkpad t21. unfortunately QNX doesn’t support that. That was the main reason I ported XFree86, click “OpenQNX project” on the left for the download if you want to give it a try.

Thanks for the reply. The default SVGA driver seems to work just great, so the Savage specific driver isn’t really an issue I suppose.

As far as the modem is concerned, Linux and BeOS see the modem with the proper driver, I was hoping a driver was available under QNX.

I was unaware of the 6.2.1, but I’m not doing anything commerical, so I’m not overly concerned about lic. issues. Does 6.2.1 offer me anything that 6.1.0 doesn’t?

OKay, if I can’t get a driver for the modem, what about buying a QNX-friendly PCMCIA NIC on eBay, any ideas what to get?

Thanks for the help.

Get an external modem. That will always work with all OSes.