name_attach and name_open??????

Hai All,

Could you all help me? , I dont know what wrong with my programs.I create two applications, server and client. First I run server application then my server application spawning my client application after successfull attached its name “server” using
name_attach(NULL,“server”,0 ); function. My client program once obtain the connection id of the server by using name_open(server,0) function, but fail! The output of both program was below:

server:Success attach name
server:Success spawn client program PID:372761
server:Wait for msg from client
client:name_open:No such file or directory
server:Wait for msg from client
server:Wait for msg from client

1.what wrong?
2.Where is directory /dev/name/local in qnx6.3 ? I did’nt find it…plzz help me…