seeing QNX files in windows problem

I’ve installed QNX and Windows successfully. After that, I made a new 1gig partition and formatted it as FAT32 (using partition commander). I can view this partition in Windows XP but I can’t view it with QNX. I couldn’t find this partition in /fs at all in QNX? Please, can anyone make any suggestions for me?

I’ve looked at fdisk but it tells me how to format the drive into QNX partition - but I only want fat32 as that can be read in windows but QNX cannot.

I’ve tried dinit to initialize my fat32 partition but nothing happens.

Maybe I’m missing something - do I need fat32 or fat?

Thanks for any help! 8)

Fat 32 and fat 16 should work, what is the type of the partion as seen by QNX fdisk. You cannot dinit a fat32 partition, that will make it unreadable in Windows.

Hi mario,

Probably I don’t know ‘how’ to see the partition.

Basically, when I use ‘filemanager’ in QNX, I double click on the /fs folder and all that appears is ‘CD0’ but nothing else.

However, I used ‘system commander’ to produce a fat32 partition before ‘computer boot up’. This fat32 partition can be seen under windows XP.

And, I thought using fdisk in QNX was supposed to partition the partition as ‘QNX partition’ (which can’t be seen in windows?), so that’s why I have not used it. Please correct me if I’m wrong about that.

And I don’t know what you mean by ‘what is the type of the partion as seen by QNX fdisk’.

Please advise, thankyou very much!! :slight_smile:

As you tell that, the problem seems to be that QNX doesn’t automount the partition. But it probably sees it, so you will just have to mount it yourself. Take a look at /dev