Download QNX 4?


I have recently purchased a device that uses a stripped down version of QNX 425. I need a recent version of the ISC dhcprelay agent to run on it. I can’t seem to find any binaries for ISC dhcpd v3 (would include dhcprelay), so I figured I might try installing QNX 4 on another system, compile dhcprelay, and copy it over. Problem is that I only see QNX 6 available for download. Is version 425 available somewhere? Or perhaps there is a way of crosscompiling for QNX 4 under, say, Linux or BSD?


There is no version that you can download legaly. It’s possible to build QNX4 binaries under Windows but that requires Watcom C Compiler as well as all the librairies and header file for windows. You would probably also need TCP/IP development kit which is an add on.

You must purchase it or get someone to do it for you.