how to use the multimedia plugin ?

Hello everyone ,pls help me!
Now I am developing vedio play on my target machine,QNX support some multimedia plugin:photon and non_photon such as playmediaaudio_noph,,phplay ,I have play MP3 via transfer playmediaaudio_noph plugin ,but other plugins does’t work well ,they show “can’t load media… .so” Why?

You are trying to combine the new and the old MultiMedia API’s.
Read the topics on The Post 6.2.1 MM API and it has examples on how to play mp3’s. However the mp3 playback filter is not included in a std. 6.3 NC/SE/PE install but requires the Multimedia TDK.

I am about to release a free mp3 filter, so if LGPL/“Not being from QSS” is of importance, contact me and i’ll be glad to help you. :slight_smile:

Thank you !QNX Master
I have played mp3 successfully via this plugin method! I think that multimedia should be use this method,Because my version is 6.3.0



so youa re going to release an easy to use, easy install mp3 plugin to the qnx multi medida kit?