Exist driver for Compaq smart array scsi 5i controller and

I hope that you help me.

I need install QNX in a Compaq Computer Model Proliant DL360 (G2), PIII 1.4
MHZ, it include a Smart Array 5i scsi controller (integrated on system
board), Wide Ultra3 SCSI Drive, Integrated ATI RAGE XL Video Controller with
8-MB SDRAM Video Memory and 2 Compaq NC7780 Gigabit Ethernet NIC Embedded
10/100/1000. I have disk Install QNX 4.22 and QNX 4.25.upgrade and patch D.
But I tries to install QNX 4.22 and it cannot since it indicates to me that
it does not exist to driver compatible for the controller scsi smart array.
In the techniques specifications of Compaq it mentions to other operating
systems including Unix and Linux but does not mention QNX. I read the page
QNX support and there is not mention some driver for the controller board
Smart Array 5i scsi and ethernet.

Now I ask:

  • Exists driver for this Compaq smart array scsi controller and Gigabit
    Ethernet ?
  • The QNX versions that I describe above I can install them in this

If your answer is not:

  • That QNX versions could install in this equipment?
  • Could tell me if there is any solution and that would have to do?

Tanks for your attention.